Discover the difference between making work that's "good" and making work that's VALUABLE.

This short and FREE e-book (which also comes in audio form!) is for you if you're trying to -

  • Make a living by selling your art, music, photography, films or creative skills.
  • Grow an AUTHENTIC and ORGANIC following of you and your work.
  • Stand out from the crowd and do work that is meaningful to YOU AND OTHERS.

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    Why are artists still starving?

    In the first part of the book we'll discuss the issue that keeps creatives in the "starving artist" mindset, and how they can start to break free from that by understanding what makes something valuable.

    Why are some creative things good but not valuable?

    There's a distinct difference between good work and valuable work. THIS is the hidden truth when it comes to trying to sell your work or your creative talents. We'll discuss why things are percieved as valuable to people, and how you can make YOUR stuff more valuable IMMEDIATELY.

    How do I turn that value into a paycheck?

    Once you've started to understand what makes something valuable, how can you turn that value into getting PAID? Great question! We'll be diving into that in part 4 of the book! Remember, money is not the enemy here, money is the TOOL to help us impact more and more people. Mother Teresa said "It takes a checkbook to change the world."